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Our turf is used by Men’s and Women’s Universities throughout the United States.

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“As your typical 18 handicap club member – occasional flight champion, tournament winner the TruLine Green is making all the difference. I know the part of my game that needs the work, but there is only time to bomb a few drives on the range before a round – who has time to work the putting green? I can’t count the number of events I would have won if I could drain the four footer every time and calm the yipps. The TRULINE Green allows me to spend the time required every day rain or shine – the results have been unbelievable.”

Dale Genzlinger
Amateur Golfer – 18 handicap

The “TRULINE Putting Green” is the most repeatable and durable practice putting green that I have ever used.

Tim Metko
Golf Professional
Former Member, Golden Bear Tour
Winner of numerous mini-tour events in South Florida between 1997 and 2001

“After practicing just for a couple days on your green, my first round started out birdie, par, birdie. I play a lot of golf and this will be a tremendous practice tool.”

David Dorn
Scottsdale, AZ

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